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Be inspired by our Handleless H-Line Models

  • Lumina H-Line

    Modern Kitchens Lumina H-Line

    Lumina is a super handleless high gloss range with an acrylic and cold pressed structure. It epitomises the modern, urban look with its highly reflective finish and is available in 7 fabulous gloss colours which can be complemented by the Mira Cosa Woodgrain. A super high gloss flat slab style door with precise radius to the external edges and a matching flat slab drawer front. This door is available lazer edged in a matching solid or a contrasting duo effect glass edge.

  • Sutton H-Line

    Modern Kitchens Sutton H-Line

    Sutton is a handleless modern slab design that is cold pressed and foil faced then cut and edged using our PUR zero glueline system with 1mm soft radius edges. This combined creates a brilliantly super smooth silk finish. Demand more from your space by challenging every detail in your kitchen design - create an individual look with the new Silk colours and add bold design choices such as an open book shelf unit to inspire the most fascinating of conversations.

    Sutton is also available as a handled option.

  • Deco H-Line

    Modern Kitchens Deco H-Line

    With its lifelike structured finish, Deco radiates class, luxury and style. Create your dream kitchen that reflects your character and taste. Deco works perfectly when mixed with the subtle silk finish of Sutton or the super high gloss finish of Lumina.

  • Madoc H-Line

    Modern Kitchens Madoc H-Line

    Whether you want a rustic or ber modern finish to your handleless kitchen, Madoc can offer it all. Choose from the warm rich tones of Mayfield Oak or the dark, sultry tones of Terra to completely personalise your kitchen scheme. Madoc oozes style and sophistication when its used as an accent with the silky tones of Sutton or the super high gloss finish of Lumina.

  • Larna H Line

    Modern Kitchens Larna H Line

    Larna H Line creates a clever and considered scheme with attractive lines. It displays a modern look with clean lines, handleless features and a flat slab door. Due to its matt finish, Larna is a great option for busier homes.

  • Hampton-Hi Line

    Modern Kitchens Hampton-Hi Line

    Hampton H Line is a flat slab painted door finished in our beautifully tactile, super smooth silk finish. Team with a matching handle rail for a seamless look, or alternatively, choose a contrasting handle rail for a superb mix and match look.


Why Choose Teddys at home?

  • Millimetres of Space

    We check and double-check every measurement and use clever tricks to add smart storage, unlock unusual layouts and breathe new life into your space.

  • All types of space

    No matter the space, we’ll help you create a stunning design to match whatever you have in mind, reinventing your home and space.

  • Made in England

    Our craftsmen take pride in the details others often overlook, so even the simplest drawers and doors are beautifully finished and guaranteed to last. Using the latest CNC machinery and then hand made, all in the UK

  • Qualified Professionals

    We have a dedicated team of installers and all our team are qualified to UK standards, making sure the day to day work runs as smoothly as possible, ensuring the end result leaves you feeling stress-free and over joyed.

  • Free design service

    We offer a full free design service, showing you in 3D to help you visualise your space and to see exactly what you will be getting.

  • Personalised Design Concepts

    Our team Bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, so we know we’ll inspire you with the latest interior tends, materials and colours, transforming your space in to a design you can call your own.

  • Choose from over 100 Designs and finishes

    We strive to offer you as many options as we can all being the best in design, colour and quality.

  • 70 Years of accumulated experience

    Experience in every aspect of designing and installing bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms.

How do we manage your new kitchen space?

  • We will take time and to listen to your ideas

    Before we start the design process, we will take the time to find out a little more about you and how your new kitchen space needs to work for your lifestyle.

  • You will see your Kitchen take shape

    After your designer has taken all measurements, we will create a 3D design of the finished kitchen space, incorparating all the new design idears and finishes. We’ll also be on hand to talk you through the different finishes, and even make any amends to the new layout.

  • All details will be checked and double-checked

    Once your happy with the final design, we will do a final check and carry out a double-check on every detail to make sure everything is millimeter perfect.

  • We will fit every piece to perfection

    We have a dedicated team of fitters and all our team are qualified to UK standards, making sure the day to day work runs as smoothly as possible, making sure every piece is fitted to perfection and ready fo your sign off!

  • Installation is done but we will keep in touch with you

    After your kitchen Installation is complete, our service doesn’t end there, we’ll keep in touch to make sure you’re your happy with every aspect of our work, and hopfully build on our relationship for any future needs!

Teddys at Home difference

  • 200+Colours

    For new place design, you can choose from over 200 colours.

  • 100+Handles

    Add a finishing touch to your new kitchen with over 100 handles option available.

  • 14kCabinet options

    We have a vast range of over 14,000 cabinet options for you to choose from to help make your dream kitchen a reality.

  • 70Years of accumulated experience

    Experience in every aspect of designing and installing bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms.

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