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Teddys at Home

Making use of clever design and
every inch of space

  • Single Hanging

    Create a wardrobe in any space with a custom single-hanging rail, or add a floor-to-ceiling cloackroom for full-length outfits and outerwear.

  • Double Hanging

    Need a wardrobe with room for everything? Choose our generous double hanging option with stacked rails and twice the storage space.

  • Glamour Unit

    Everyone deserves to be pampered and in this concealed glamour unit you can hide away your favourite make-up and perfumes.

  • Jewellery Tray

    Create the perfect home for your jewellery collection and make the most of every inch of space with this clever, soft-close tray.

  • Corner Linen Bin

    Make space work for you and your laundry with this innovative, corner-cupboard basket.

  • Linen Press

    Keep bulky bedding and laundry out of sight with this smart, space-saving linen press.

  • Cosmetic Unit

    Unique to Hammonds, this concealed cosmetic drawer has room for all your beauty essentials – ensuring surfaces stay beautifully clutter-free.

  • Tilting Linen Basket

    This easy-tilt basket provides easy-access for bedding and laundry and makes maximum use of small corners and unused spaces.

  • Soft close interior Drawers

    Add a touch of 5-star hotel style with these ultra-smooth, ultra-quiet soft-close drawers.

  • Pull-out Tea Tray

    Ease into the day with a cuppa, or enjoy a late night cocoa with this sturdy, slide-out, side-table tea tray.

  • Overbed storage

    Make room for bulky bedding and duvets with this stylish, over-bed storage solution.

  • Top Boxes

    High ceilings? Enjoy floor-to-ceiling storage and maximise every inch of space above your wardrobes.

  • Corner wardrobe

    This angled corner wardrobe is a must for smaller rooms and just one more example of how our designers can transform your storage space.

  • Stable Door

    Our split-level stable doors provide easy access to awkward spaces and areas where a standard door simply couldn’t open.

  • End-angled Wardrobe

    Designed for sloping ceilings and restricted headroom, our end-angled robes bring you all the benefits of a full-sized wardrobe.

  • Dressing Table

    Preprare for every occasion in style with our spacious, double dressing table with ample storage.

  • 250mm Bedside Cupboard

    This beautifully finished bedside storage cupboard is an ideal home for those bedtime essential like books and reading glasses.

  • Front Frame

    Our front frame is perfect where space is at a premium, and provides a stylish wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling storage solution.

  • Pull-out Shoe Rack

    This space-efficient, soft-close shoe rack provides the perfect way to care for your shoe collection and keep your wardrobe clutter-free.

  • Tie Rack

    Keep ties crease-free and tangle-free with this convenient, door-back tie rack.

  • Belt/scarf Rack

    With room to hang all your belts and scarves, this hidden storage rack is an ideal way to keep everyday accessories within easy reach.

  • Pull-out Trouser Rack

    If you want a neat storage solution for trousers, this pull-out trouser rack is a really smart idea.

  • Pre-dresser

    Designed to make light work of early starts, this invaluable pre-dresser helps you organise your outfit the night before.

  • Counter Balance Hanging Rail

    Take full advantage of tall spaces and make high clothing easier to reach with this handy extendable rail.

Teddys at Home difference

  • 90+Colours

    For new place design, you can choose from over 90 colours.

  • 100+Finishing touches

    We give you a wide range of finishing touches to ensure your bedroom suits your individual needs.

  • 100+Interior options

    If lack of space isn't a factor then our interior storage options are great for you. Units are fully enclosed, keeping clothes dust free.

  • 70Years of accumulated experience

    Experience in every aspect of designing and installing bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms.

Why Choose Teddys at home?

  • Millimetres of Space

    We check and double-check every measurement and use clever tricks to add smart storage, unlock unusual layouts and breathe new life into your space.

  • All types of space

    No matter the space, we’ll help you create a stunning design to match whatever you have in mind, reinventing your home and space.

  • Made in England

    Our craftsmen take pride in the details others often overlook, so even the simplest drawers and doors are beautifully finished and guaranteed to last. Using the latest CNC machinery and then hand made, all in the UK

  • Qualified Professionals

    We have a dedicated team of installers and all our team are qualified to UK standards, making sure the day to day work runs as smoothly as possible, ensuring the end result leaves you feeling stress-free and over joyed.

  • Free design service

    We offer a full free design service, showing you in 3D to help you visualise your space and to see exactly what you will be getting.

  • Personalised Design Concepts

    Our team Bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, so we know we’ll inspire you with the latest interior tends, materials and colours, transforming your space in to a design you can call your own.

  • Choose from over 100 Designs and finishes

    We strive to offer you as many options as we can all being the best in design, colour and quality.

  • 70 Years of accumulated experience

    Experience in every aspect of designing and installing bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms.

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